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July 21, 2007
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The last two Akatsuki members by mandachan The last two Akatsuki members by mandachan
The last two remaining members finally revealed! It's really been a long time since Manda do Naruto fanart, lol.

In chapter 363, this two characters appeared after the self-destruct Deidara exploded causing a lot of attentions around the area. With a heavily injured Sasuke walks out beside the dead Manda (the snake). = [] =;;

Manda really like this two members~ XDDD So she did a pic of the both of them~:heart: Seem like the leader's appearance looks like Naruto.... feels like they're related or something... O_o;;
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blackfang04 Sep 5, 2008
Awesome picture. One of the best Pein/Konan drawings I have seen.
This person has traced your work and is claiming they drew it themselves:


And he had the audacity to come here and write "lol...i drew this too on my pro...plz check it out!!! XD" in response to a comment here.
jus to let you know, Pein[Nagato] and Konan arent the 'Last' two akatsuki members.. others are still alive!
SinX-LeaderofSP Mar 17, 2008
ya, but they will be thelast 2 members sooner or drew this too on my pro...plz check it out!!!

You didn't 'draw' it. You traced it. ._. At least state your reference or take it off. :/ It's so much like the original, you're pretty much stealing it and claiming it's your own. You shouldn't leech off of other's styles to give yourself hits or popularity. Also I can't believe you have the nerve to say 'I drew this too, check it out!'
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